Ah the introduction of course

How to recap the summer of 08/09?

To be honest, I should have begun this blog a year ago when I attended at least one gig every week for 12 months. I am one of those people that needs a soundtrack to their life. Different moods, different sways of the trees and echoes of the harbour can be too much for a young woman sometimes who only wishes for tunes and beats that make each little moment that much brighter, or darker, or swinging, banging, weepy or juicy. I can’t claim to have a 120 GBs of music in my iPod but I do enjoy most genres that crop up in our new world, even those I’m too old to like or even too young to like. I love a lot of music. There’s something special about every genre, every style. There’s a right time in my mind for everything. I can’t listen to metal before 11am. I can’t listen to reggae when its raining. I can’t listen to punk unless I’m with a rowdy group of boys. I only listen to geek rock when I wan’t to be out-music someone. Drum and bass I could listen to all day every day but there are some particular moments where it seems so right you can’t imagine being anywhere else at any other time when listening to drum and bass could be more right.

So this is my blog about music. About recording the milestones in my life, marked by each new artist I see or each pre-loved artist I see again and again.

This weekend – Playground Weekender 2009. My first ever. 3-day camping festival here I come. My friend and I have rented a campervan to house our belongings in Wiseman’s Ferry, considering our bodies will be too busy dancing in my Tinkerbell costume, or bending into yoga positions, or chilling out playing jenga on the grass. On the shortlist of artists to see: Crystal Castles, Nic Fanciulli, Blue King Brown, Salmonella Dub, Alice Russell, Trevor Parkee, Ewan Pearson, The Streets, Optimo, Tom Middleton and perhaps even some Crazy Penis just for kicks.

For those attending, you can find the set times through Fasterlouder here.


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