February DSS party – I almost lost hope.

Finally. The next warehouse party brought to you by ‘Jamie Hardie Productions’. I have only been attending these parties for the last two years and for those who haven’t experienced it, it simply must be done. But only people who are willing to uphold the integrity of these events. It’s not just about taking drugs and doing everyhing illegal possible to party. It’s about underground drum ‘n’ bass at its finest. Jungle, psy trance, dub. All the styles of music that we rarely hear in the generic Sydney club. To be fair, drum ‘n’ bass seems to have had some sort of revival of late as seen in the bi-monthly Void events held at Phoenix Bar, or the growing success of dnb events held at the UTS Glasshouse Bar or the Gaff (possibly one of the most disliked venues by Sydneysiders but has turned out to be suitable for the somewhat dingy, underground nature of dnb crowds).

However, warehouse parties are that much more special. It isn’t about a revival or some profiteering venture. It’s about music, an unpretentious crowd and the simple joy of hearing quality music you love out of something bigger than an iPod for once.

Alexandria warehouse party 07 - dss stage.
Alexandria warehouse party 07 – dss stage (Jackson Elsegood)

Of late, the warehouse parties haven’t been great. Mostly because coppers have shut them down by midnight which has only allowed me 2 hrs of hectic dancing and chilling out while feeling throbbing bass reverbrate beneath my feet. The most recent one on Parramatta Rd was doomed to be shut down. Not because the loud music would give us away but because of all the people hanging around outside the tiny front door of the abandoned multi-storey complex. That’s what gave us away. Pure and simple. Too many people smoking out front and trying to fit into a metre wide doorway of a delapidated warehouse on a major, MAJOR road. It was fun while it lasted. As rickety and brief as it was. Meanwhile, I’m really quite proud of the fact that drum ‘n’ bass were the cause for shutting down Parramatta Rd for a short period on a Saturday night. I cannot express the glee I felt as I got hauled and shoved out of the warehouse only to find that I could legitimately and safely walk straight through the middle of a 6 lane road. For that alone, I thank ‘Jamie Hardy Productions’ for putting in the time, effort and good will to make such a party possible.

Thrown out of the warehouse party on Parramatta Rd - hello helicopters

Thrown out of the warehouse party on Parramatta Rd - hello helicopters (Daily Telegraph)

So here we are. February. No date. No facebook event. No secret numbers supplied. This my friends is up to knowing your contacts. It seems DSS are trying to squeeze out all the random revellers that purely want to go to an illegal party without caring whether drum ‘n’ bass, hip hop, or geek rock were blasting through rusty walls. I only hope the date they’ve chosen is one where I am free and able to party and stomp to the music I love the most (please not Feb 7, or Feb 21, or Feb 28, please oh please…).



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2 responses to “February DSS party – I almost lost hope.

  1. so much hype out this one party on the news… its a nice change to soul less clubs and bars so lets hope DSS keep these going for the music heads..

    Thanks for posting

  2. amusogoingthroughallthephases

    We both missed the dss party that was on last Saturday because of playground which I’m slightly gutted about. But playground was too good an experience for me to feel too sad about it. Heard it was a killer though, glad that dss are still putting on these parties and that some of them aren’t getting shut down.

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