Deadmau5 – 20th February at the Forum

With only a vague interest in the controversial dj Deadmau5 and with no intention of buying a ticket to see his encore gig at the Forum, I found myself receiving a message Friday afternoon telling me that my acquaintance who works at the Brag had a spare free ticket to check out the artist and wanted dear little old me to go with him. A sold out event, a pretentious but talented electro and progressive house producer, who wears a mouse mask while he deejays, and all for free? I couldn’t exactly say no, seeing as my Friday plans so far contained nothing more than intended boozing at [insert pub] at [insert time] with [insert friends].

After a long day at work, a shower and pre-drinks, we managed to meet at the Forum at about 10pm, at which point Jeff Drake was on the decks getting an almost to capacity venue amped and ready for the international many had seen last week at Good Vibes. We were in the VIP section where Deadmau5 himself was hanging out before he was scheduled to perform. Minus the mask of course. He came on stage right on time at 11pm. From our section on the upper floor, you could see how dense and crowded it was down on the main dance floor. One of the great things about the Forum however, is that it never gets so hot that it becomes unbearable. In between each wooden panel lining the main dance area were wafts of air-conditioning – a rare thing at most venues in Sydney. People were sweaty, but not so sweaty that it made you scamper for a bottle of water every 10 minutes.

Deadmau5 played a rather phenomenal 3-hour set. He opened with some strong electro tracks, including his own like ‘Not Exactly’ and ‘Faxing Berlin’. As the set went on, his more progressive house influences moved in which I was grateful for seeing as I think I would have trouble withstanding 3 hours of pure electro. It made for an interesting show, and he certainly was aware of the dynamics of his audience – when they needed a break, when they wanted more and when they wanted to dance hard non-stop for 3 minutes. His mouse mask also had its own novelty, flashing different coloured lights that were in time with the beat. He didn’t wear it the entire time being as cumbersome as it was but the crowd sure enjoyed it whenever he put it on. There would have been a fair few in the crowd tripping balls whenever the lights would flash along with the beat.

I did take photos for this event but I managed to lose my memory crowd at some point during the night. For visuals, you can instead find them here on In The Mix.


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