The title of this blog says it all really. Each post marks my step through each genre, each style that takes my fancy at any particular moment in time. I am about reviewing and detailing the festivals, gigs and events that I have experienced with the utmost fervour, that were worth $0  – $250 of my hard-earned cash. I live my life through  a series of music marquees. You’d think I would have learnt something worth noting by now. If not, then let this be nothing more than a reminder that I once experienced these twinklings of voice, these reverbrations of bass, these tremblings and plucks of creative sound that I may not remember once the lights shut off and the musicians leave the stage.

All my posts are simply the opinion of a young Sydney-sider who values nothing more than music.


One response to “About

  1. That’s quite a write up..Sydney really needs more music heads like you! Would you be up for a guest post on Soul of Sydney sometime?

    http://www.soulofsydney.wordpress.com/about for contact details and some info..


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